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We have installed a specialized air purification system that not only cleans the air but has a built in UVC germicidal light to help neutralize airborne bacteria, mold & fungi and to help make sure the air your children breathe is fresh and pure. 


At Lake Country Childcare our #1 priority is to keep your children safe and healthy. We are taking all precautions to help fight COVID-19 and keep children healthy and happy. 

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Our staff is wiping down all surfaces throughout the day, practicing good hygiene with the children as well as fully sanitizing our facility each night after your children go home.

Welcome Note from the Owner

Thank you for considering entrusting your child to Lake Country Childcare. I know the decision on the best place for your child is a difficult one. As a mom I have made the center reflective of somewhere I’d want my children to spend their day, and value any feedback you may have to make it more welcoming for your child as well. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and your child. Please contact us for a tour.

"With both of us working full time from home, schooling the older kids and all the other things, we could not value what you do more. We are so hyper aware of how well taken care of and tended to developmentally he is when he’s there, and we can’t wait to get back into a normal schedule!"


—  Keleen K

Curriculum & Early Learning

Lake Country Childcare uses The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards to help develop programs and curriculum to ensure that children are exposed to activities and opportunities that will prepare them for success in school and into the future. The program will provide each child with experiences which will promote: self-esteem and positive self-image, social interaction, self-expression and communication skills, creative expression, large and small muscle development, intellectual growth and literacy.

Information For Families

We offer Full time, Part time, flexible scheduling and drop in care, click on the Enroll Now button for further information and documents to download!

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